25 thoughts on “Adam Scott Albatross / Double Eagle 8th hole The Lakes Australian Open 2011

  1. And they say oosthuizien’s albatross in the masters was the first ever televised I may be wrong but I swear I have heard a couple of Americans say it

  2. Kind of funny that in the gold world rankings, none of the top 3 in the world are over 40. The number 2 in the world being only 23. Hardly for people in retirement. People like you are just fucking idiot’s.

  3. Techincally the definition of eagle is 1 under birdie. Do double eagle is two under birdie. Dont ask why…

  4. Found 3 things today to make me a better golfer!!
    1. Tiger Woods slow motion golf swing video
    2. GrooveSharpener. com—golf tool for more backspin
    3. And now this video

  5. mate, the fact you’re watching this makes you a hypocrite. You try hit that shot, you’ll be in bed the rest of the year. Poser.

  6. @ banana master, anyone who plays golf knows its a gentlemen’s game. You sir are defiantly not a gentlemen.

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