25 thoughts on “Amazing Disc Golf Shots

  1. This is one of the most embarrassing videos I’ve ever seen, I’ve obviously wasted my youth not being a gimp and now find absolutely none of that impressive, the overreaction from the camera person is impressively awkward

  2. @chapmanvoris thats awesome, just wondering though, how many discs do you think you have lol. looked like you have quite the collection and i imagine you got more since the video

  3. i see that you choose to throw at an angle, i prefer a nice lever shot.

    also does your cameraman always need to shout every time you make one?

    but good video

  4. @jennyburleson Haha im sorry this is cousins channel, i do the videos with him. Thanks for the comment though ha. His channel is Slade366.

  5. i heard about your you tube prowess…..so glad to see that you are using that creative energy in a great way. good job slade. hope you are well. “Ms. B”

  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands…….and you don’t need to orgasm every time you make a shot

  7. wow, this video sucks! enough of the “wow johnny how you do that” and big frickin’ deal he’s making any of those shots. he’s got throwing 30 disc in a row for 1 shot!

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