25 thoughts on “Chip-In at the 17th hole – Tiger Woods (US Open)

  1. The first time I don’t want to to throttle “one time guy”. I’ll give the doosh a pass this time.

  2. the first time i actually sat down and watched a whole golf tournament was this round. i never watched golf before this and what a way too watch a sport for your first time. after that i fell in love with golf tiger woods is a beast!

  3. Tiger woods really is the best in the world at golf. This just proves that he is very talented and blessed by almighty god. We forgive u of your past discresion. good speed my friend

  4. That was my friend’s dad’s girlfriend’s brother’s cousin’s son yelling ONE TIME!

  5. his facial expression afterwords is just classic and shows he is human and he knows he can even get lucky…ONNEEE TIIIMMMMEEEE!!!!!

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