Kaymer Looking To Improve Disappointing Masters Record

Kaymer’s stints at Masters aren’t what are usually expected of a star of his stature. When he is in his proper form, he is simply invincible. His remarkable achievements at Players & U.S. Open last year would duly prove that.

But then, Martin seemed to have poor luck when it comes to masters. In 7 Masters, the best the golf star could manage is a tied 31st rank which came in 2014. He missed out on anything remarkable at all Masters from 2008 to 2011.

Martin’s Masters stock seems extremely low, so much that the golfer’s odds of victory are listed as 80-1, way behind Kopeka who would be having his Masters this year & that too with dislocated rib.

However, the German great is positive about his abilities and is of firm belief that this time he would be able to improve his disappointing masters record.

“I have not been able to come up the very play that is expected here”, stated Kaymer at the Augusta tournament.

“Then, I took to some adjustments & since the last couple of years I have been playing really well. However, I struggled on greens.”

“If I’m able to put all the things together- putting from first 3 or 4 years & playing from last 2 years, I would be OK.”

Martin played eighteen holes the Augusta & another eighteen the next day with Bernhard Langer, another German great. On par-five 13th hole, the 2014 US Open champ was discussing varied strategies with 2-time Masters champ & gained new perspective for the Augusta when Bernhard informed him that he had not been proper with hole strategies.

“Things such as these rendered a totally different option before him”, Kaymer added while adding how much he has benefitted from Langer’s tips.