25 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson 2nd shot, 13th hole Masters 2010

  1. much much better than tiger’s
    with the sunday pin tiger just needed a half decent pitch and it would feed down close to the hole
    with phil’s you could play it 1000 times and not get it that close again

  2. @itubeutude : Yes, better than Tiger on 16 because this shot involved much more risk. At worst, Tiger’s chip would end up 6′ away at most. At worst, this shot could have cost Mickelson the tournament if not struck PERFECTLY.

  3. Top 5 Masters shots:
    2. Tiger’s chip
    3. Larry Mize
    4. Sandy Lyle bunker shot
    5. Jack Nicklaus tee at 16

    I can’t include Sarazen’s as I never saw it.

  4. other than gene’s alby and tigers chip, probably 3 greatest shot i know of at augusta. well, larry mize’s chip is there too.

  5. Balls of steel I would have chiped to a centred lay up…..i wouldnt have played that in a friendly let alone with a bunch of cash riding on it.shame he missed the put,technically it was for nothing.

  6. @chang248 I would go with Gene Sarazen’s albatross on 15th to tie for the lead in the final round. He would go on to win the tournament in a playoff.

  7. Tiger Woods is a poor sport, and is a bad example for all young golfers. He has a bad additude. He is throwing the f bomb in front of the crowd and throwing his clubs, and slamming them. I have no repsect for a man of his nature

  8. @nasher1921 Has nothing to dowith the trees, moron. Try hitting off pine needles (which DID bring the trees into play) and over the creek in front of hte green and have the ball come to rest exactly pin high.

    Thanks, nasher…you have just proven you know absolutely nothing about golf.

  9. This is the reason I like Lefty’s game more than Tiger’s – you never know just what the hell he’s going to do. Sometimes it’s disastrous, sometimes fantastic. Either way, I’ll always watch.

  10. @itubeutude Lol, wouldnt playing the perfect hole include not going in the trees in the first place? XD

  11. it wasnt that good. hes lefty and hits a draw so the tree was never going to come into it.

  12. I was in the grandstands a little down from 14 tee when he hit this shot….you could see him with an iron in his hand and I turned to my buddy and said “he’s punching out”….all the sudden you see this big swing and hear this THWAAAACK….and I’m like “oh my God he didn’t just try that did h…….YES HE DID!!!”

  13. this isnt the greatest shot in masters history, gene sarazen double eagle, tiger’s chip in and jack’s putt in 86 are all better…HOWEVER this is the gutsiest shot of Masters. the fact that he made only birdie when he could have punched out and hit a wedge close and get the same score, puts this shot behind those 3.

  14. Gene Sarazen’s double eagle on 15 was probably better, but no film exists for it to be witnessed. It happened back around 1935.

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