25 thoughts on “Unbelievable golf shot – Albatross on the 18th hole

  1. from what i read it was 3 times (Bruce in 1962, Lynch in 1995 and Crean in
    2002), and Lynch used a 3 iron

  2. Good point, I have played one in my life, and getting it in 2 would be
    impossible, was like 700 yards

  3. They are very rare but they do exist. I played one about a week ago, since
    they had moved the tee forwards and the green backwards the hole wasn’t
    very long and hence it was pretty easy. But if it was full length I can
    guess it must be very challenging. I don’t know where you live but here in
    Sweden (where I live) there are about six or seven courses with a par 6.
    You should definitely look it up if there are any in your area, it might be
    fun to try.

  4. Let’s make this shit clear: +3 triple bogey +2 double bogey +1 bogey 0 par
    -1 birdie -2 eagle -3 double eagle/albatross -4 Condor

  5. the highest you’ll ever come across is a par 5….. there’s only like 1 par
    6 in the entire world….

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