Woods Is Still The Highest Earning Golfer

Tiger Woods is reportedly still the highest earning golfer of the world. The golf legend has cracked as much as 1.3 billion $US in his career earnings that catapulted him to the top most stature in 2013 Golf Digest Fifty Income List.

It’s the 11th time that the fourteen-time major golf champion has been topping the list of Golf Digest with a whopping 83 million $US, including around 71 million $US off course & over 12 million $ US as prize money.

According to reports from the esteemed golf magazine, Tiger’s winnings of over 155 million $US echo less than twelve percent of his golf career earnings. Around 1.16 billion $ US comes from his endorsements since the Word No. One’s pro-debut in the year 1996- the figure has been increasing consistently over the years, despite Tiger’s infamous sex-scandal & ensuing divorce.

Next to Woods, it’s Phil Mickelson who has earned the stature second highest at 52 million $ US- around 45 million $ US sourced from endorsements & other forms of non-prize money income. The American left-hander won the British Open last year and is hopeful to complete his grand slam career by winning 2014 US Open, the event where he holds the record of being the 6-time runner-up.

The third name in the list is that of the senior golf icon Arnold Palmer. The 84-year-old has always been hugely adored and it’s his popularity that spawn TV richie-riches of the contemporary players. Palmer came up with the 3rd position at 40 million $US, a great share of which was from Asian licensing deals.

The 74-year old Jack Nicklaus is the fourth top earning golfer of the world at over 26 million $US. It was Henrik Stenson from Sweden who came 5th in the list at 21.45 million $US.