11 thoughts on “Hot Shots Golf 1 – Albatross

  1. I beat Iceman, I got a hole in one a long time ago with Taku on the 2nd par 3 course of the green country club, but NEVER GOT AN ALBATROSS!!!!!

  2. Yeah Iceman was a bastard. It’s been over 10 years, but it took me almost 20 times to beat him. Make one mistake and you might as well restart the match.

  3. Nice in! Hahaha I just fired this bad boy back up yesterday. Best golf game ever made.

    I beat iceman!!! It was tough. My suggestion: battle him out on the front nine until you get ahead of him a stroke or two if you can. and SAVE. then you only have to beat him on nine more holes and you can quit each time if he overtakes you by 18.

  4. Nice albatross. I managed to beat Iceman probably 10 years ago or so I’m guessing. I’ve been playing this game lately for God-knows what reason and it’s to the point where I can beat Iceman with Mary. Classic game.

  5. thats sucks i cant ever beat ice man, its impossible because he only gets one par one eagle and all birdies on all games that i play.

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