25 thoughts on “John Daly spins it in the hole for eagle!

  1. Man, remember back when Daley was hot, and people would yell, “you da man!” when he teed off. Poor guy, too much falling off the horse, he could have been a legend.

  2. This was during that period in ’04-’05 when Daly actually sorted himself out and played to his potential.

  3. @Deekus64 yeah for sure . . . i can hit my 8 iron 230 come on man . . . stop talking shits

  4. @Jamerio3D
    John Daly is definetly not a golfer I’ll remember. There’s been many bad things said about him when he’s drunk. I know Tiger will never be able to eclipse the man say Arnold Palmer was but the fact is Tiger is fun to watch and can make 9.5 clutch shots out of 10.

  5. @rocnrolman
    Who cares, tiger has nowhere near as much personaity as daley and he’ll forever be known as a compulsive sex addict as much as his golf. Did you see how many women it was in the end? At lest john loved a drink and never hurt anyone.

    Sorry,. but someone who exudes such a flawless image to the world yet behind the scnes is obviously a complete animal devoid of control and stupid enoug hto think he would ever get away with it is clearly not someone I’ll remember as a legend.

  6. LOL AT HOW TIGER ISNT TOO GREAT A MENTAL PLAYER!! WHAT ARE YOU ON. WHY DO YOU THINK HES THE BEST WHO EVER LIVED. HE CAN MAKE ANY SHOT, IN ANY POSITION. ANY PUTT TOO WHEN HE PUTS HIS MIND MIND MIND MIND MIND TO IT. LOLOLOL. He doesnt get pissed when he missed a shot just upset. If it affected him he would fall apart after every missed shot..

  7. @gregc3267 I would debate the best natural golfer part. Tiger isnt too great of a mental player. If you look at how pissed he gets after he hits a bad shot. He is however an incredible natural golfer. probably the best the world has ever seen. I find it hard to call daly the best natural golfer when hes 200 lbs overwieght. Thats just me tho…

  8. @cleanerimage4u Tiger made many shots like that tiger made 18 hole in ones did you ever watch tiger

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