18 thoughts on “Shots of the Day: Rory McIlroy eagles 15 and birdies 18 to win the Quail Hollow Championship

  1. @phj1990 golf tips from a youtuber directed at a multi million dollar golf pro. maybe you should just sit back and let the people who really know what their talking about handl it. k? thanks.

  2. @97thehockey lol, ik but just saying he hits it long, im a terrible ballstriker, so my short game is pretty good, so ik its not always about power

  3. dang, my hybrid only goes 205, and hes hitting a 5 iron and im taller dan him, i feel weak

  4. amazing how all the irish are taking claim to his victory cos hes “one of our own”…. pathetic really, people will take´╗┐ claim to anything i guess, even´╗┐ the winner of a golf game….

  5. @rigbst you my friend, are an absolute dumbass. Rory basically just gave you the finger by WINNING the US Open today. Stick that in your fucking fuse box and smoke it. You talk shit about a fellow golfer, you’re gonna get a hell of a fight from a guitarist. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  6. Perfect swing, but a bit too aggressive I think. It obviously worked here on Quail Hollow, but he occasionaly blasts putts far past the hole and ends up 3- or even 4-putting. And he always goes for the green, lay-up is not in his dictionary. If he can keep a bit more calm he will be winning a lot more.

  7. Listen golf zipperheads. Anyone who is in any way critical of any tour golfers swing is just DUMB. If you can put ball from over 200 yards within 5 feet of the cup — then step forward and say something intelligent. Other than that why don’t you go suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

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