25 thoughts on “The Greatest Reaction to an Amazing Golf Shot Ever!

  1. you’re damn right unitedsucks,i’ve seen nicklaus,hogan,snead etc do exactly the same thing tons of times,yeah,yeah i say yeah boy. 

  2. Nice stereotype pal. Took time out in between munching burgers to type that out, did you?

  3. You probably would have UnitedBucks09. You’d have still lost the Ryder Cup though, I’d rather win the pot than hit one good golf shot.

  4. To all those saying Overton got too excited, don’t say you wouldn’t have done the exact same thing…he hit a great shot, he’s entitled to celebrate, I probably would’ve gone one further and high-fived the crowd.

  5. He just hit a great shot. He lets off a bit of steam. At least he’s not spitting, or throwing clubs in the air. Peter Alliss might have said “Steady on old chap…”

  6. @FretCrawler95 Oh we’re playing the stereotype game are we you fat lazy backwater piece of excrement? Did I mention fat?

  7. All u fukin brits just upset cuz we know how to take care of our teeth while you “gentlemen” got like 8 snaggleteeth hanging out ur mouth

  8. Over dramatic yanks at their peak…
    Chill the fuck out
    Its golf
    You didnt just discover a cure for cancer

  9. Ha love how his caddy sees the reaction and thinks…”yeah, ill give that a go too” lol

  10. @jeret001 400 years really? Really? Brush up on either your math or history retard 1776 wasn’t 400 years ago

  11. Jesus look at these comments. If we are such “tossers” and whatever then why are you so obsessed. You Europeans seem to go out of your way to put down Americans. Stop watching American videos if they you make you all so butt hurt.

  12. Lol wtf bubba sounds so desperate for attention in this he like completely took a shit on Campbell’s moment, they’re fuckin teammates representing the image of an entire fuckin race of people. Goes to show the American way. The ubiquitous social vibe of everyone trying to prove everyone they’re better than you cause this is amurrica..

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